The mission of Eye Link Technologies (ELT) is to improve access to care by providing tele-psychiatry in a variety of settings with the overall goals of promoting early intervention, recovery, and prevention of patients having to access higher levels of care. We are passionate about helping our patients to lead healthy and meaningful lives while also reducing overall healthcare costs.

Our company is currently filling a portion of those needs by providing telepsychiatry services in Arizona and Texas—both of whom rank extremely low in the country for overall lack of mental health care (Mental Health America, 2017).

Statistics show that in Arizona there is on average only one mental health professional for every 850 people.  The ratio is even lower in Texas at 1 provider to every 1070 people.

The result is that only 41% of those with mental illness report receiving care.
Combined with the fact that almost 60% of psychiatrists are aged 55 or older.

Psychiatry is now the 4th oldest medical profession of the 44 specialties in terms of practitioner age which creates disparities in care that can no longer be ignored.

(Psychiatry Advisor, “Shortage of Psychiatrists Only Getting Worse” September 8, 2015)

Contracting with Eye Link Technologies

Eye Link Technologies has an ever growing network of highly skilled Behavioral Health Medical Providers (BHMP) that believe in early and effective intervention and its ability to reduce psychiatric decompensation and inpatient hospitalization. This model promotes the efficient use of monetary resources by utilizing a proactive healthcare approach that will immensely reduce cost to states, insurance and general healthcare providers, hospitals, and a plethora of other entities. We are advanced in our delivery of integrated healthcare services and can be a vital benefit to any organization.

If interested in contracting with Eye Link Technologies for any of your behavioral healthcare needs please contact us:

Working with Eye Link 


Interested in working with Eye Link?? We are always hiring well qualified Behavioral Health Medical Providers and Therapists for our team.

We offer wages beyond community standards for those healthcare providers that are passionate and motivated to provide behavioral healthcare services to a wide array of service providers. We are willing to train the right candidate and believe that hard work, dedication, and an open mind will create an ideal practitioner. Current requirements include an active license in either Arizona or Texas.

The Team

  • Joshua Leslie
    Joshua Leslie President

    Certified Physician Assistant who has specialized in psychiatric care for the past 13 years. Driven by his passion to help those in need, Joshua believes that by utilizing technological advances to deliver early interventions in unique ways, Eye Link Technologies can provide improved access to care that is both of higher quality and more cost effective. He has worked in multiple areas of psychiatry including the private sector, children and adolescents, inpatient care, forensic, geriatrics, crisis care and substance abuse recovery. For the last several years he has expanded his clinical role by adding administrative responsibilities and has acted as the Executive Director at one of the largest psychiatric crisis centers in the country.

  • Misty Tu
    Misty Tu Chief Medical Officer

    Board Certified in Adult Psychiatry, Dr. Misty Tu completed her residency training at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. She has worked in multiple states and with many different health care systems, learning the strengths and opportunities of each. She has provided services in every level of psychiatric care including psychiatric emergency/crisis, inpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, outpatient clinic and most recently addiction medicine including acute detoxification and residential programming. Her client base has spanned the range of seriously mentally ill individuals, traditional commercially insured, and special contracts. She has served as utilization management medical director for multiple companies and regions as well as Sr. Medical Director for Psychiatry and Behavioral Health for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota. Dr. Tu has experience with cost containment and quality management in the behavioral health space as well as total cost of care including medical, which is greatly influenced by behavioral health issues. Her extensive background brings understanding in how to provide meaningful care to individuals while working alongside the business of healthcare. Dr. Tu brings a strong view of financial stewardship as well as partnership and integration.

  • Britni Earnest
    Britni Earnest Chief Visionary Officer

    Licensed Professional Counselor with a Masters Degree in Family Psychology. She has worked in all levels of psychiatric care, and has experience as Director of Utilization Review and Inpatient Admissions, creator, developer, and Director of a Partial Hospitalization Program, and Clinical Director of inpatient, partial, and outpatient services. Since 2009, Britni has been CEO and co-owner of Life Renovations in Abilene, Texas, which is an outpatient emotional wellness community.  Currently, Life Renovations has 14 clinicians and is focused on adding more clinicians in order to provide greater access to care.  Britni is passionate about fostering a community in which clients are able to experience lasting change and creating innovative solutions to healthcare delivery problems.

  • Cody Randel
    Cody Randel Chief Operating Officer

    Chief Operating Officer of EyeLink Technologies, but first and foremost serves as a Behavioral Health Medical Provider specializing in psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. He views it as a privilege to take care of people during the greatest difficulties of their lives and treats his patients with great care and respect. His personal vision is to provide dynamic and individualized mental health care to meet the needs of patients via telepsychiatry anywhere a patient may require mental health services–whether at their doctor’s office, their workplace, at home, away on travel or any other private location.

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